first rounds of PH's...

  1. first rounds of PH's...

    Well I'm 23 and figure i want to go ahead and try my first PH stack. Been researching this for a while and am going to go with 19norandrostene at 200mg a day split into an AM and PM dose. This is basically Decavol, but just the straight 19norandrostene and nothing else added. Additionally i was thinking of 500mg of 6OXO with the PM dose of norandrostene, or possibly 500mg with both AM and PM. I would be running this for 1 month. From what i understand 19norandrostene is a relatively safe (few sides) PH, the 6OXO aswell. How does my dosing/plan look? As for PCT would some test. boosters work good enough (DTH/trib test extreme), or would something more potent be needed? thanks for any info.

  2. anyone? any info at all please?

  3. Dude I dont know man where you got that stuff but if you want to bulk there are many other kinds of good PH's out there

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