No Injections Please

  1. No Injections Please

    I have a friend who I work out with that wants to use gear but he does not want any injectables.

    Would a stack of Primobolan tabs and d-bol work for him? Primo is not 17aa but d-bol is.

    Could you expect decent gains off this stack?

    Thank's in advance.

  2. 3 things your "friend" should consider:

    1. Oral cycles suck, plain and simple..

    2. He should do more research on this, if he plans to try and ruin himself..

    3. If he did make this foolish attempt, he'd lose most of his gains post-cycle anyway, so there's really no point to begin with..

    Glad I could help!

  3. Finding real primo tabs is not easy for one. Secondly, they are not very effective at 25mg a tab you need 6-8 tabs daily.

    Dbol and primo tabs togehter will yield gains, however, how maintainable will they be? Dbol main gains come from the water retention it creates, which is commonly lost once the product is ceased so taking it alone is not ideal. So adding primo would help but how effective it will be is really diffcult to say.

  4. tell your friend to quit being a lil phagina and get over his fears of injecting, that is all.

  5. Bro if your "friend" doesn't want to use needles then that's his choice. Honestly I don't care, if I were him (not wanting to pin) I would stick with transdermals and maybe a few orals like dbol and winny. He could use 1test and 4ad and get some solid gains that could be kept. You could also get some base hormones and throw them in the mix and use transdermally. Later Jminis

  6. Totally agree with Jminis on this.. if you are not going to stick, then gear might not be the way you want to go...

  7. Better off trying a transdermal of test base in my opinion...all orals would be very difficult gains to try and maintain...

  8. It has all been said here. ORAL ONLY CYCLES DO NOT LAST GAINSWISE.

    Now methyl-1-test oral..I cannot say yet.

  9. methyl 1 test check it out at .....but it won't be the same as pinning

  10. I agree Buy, nothing is as effective as pinning.


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