inj. b12

  1. inj. b12

    im setting up my speed/strength/size routine for my uf football training and i will be injecting b12 for my entire winter and spring training (specially during tryouts) and i was just curious what you guys felt on it. also does it have any anti-catabolic properties?

  2. Lake, I have been using liquid B12 from GNC. I posted a link to it in hte steroids section thread. It's been working pretty good from what I can tell. It seems as though it not only makes me hungrier, but more thirsty to. ie, water. Haven't noticed that much of an energy boost as of yet, but it seems as though I'm more alert mentally. It only costs like $8-$10, and lasts for a month w/ 2 dropper fulls/day. Might as well give it a try first, no? However, if I were from Canada, I would probably pin it since its legal there.

  3. what makes it illegal to pin in the US?

  4. Honestly, I'm not sure. But I guess you can get away w/ anything in the privacy of your own bathroom. I'm just talking about the actual actions of doing so. If a cop were in the same room you were in for whatever reason, and you pinned anything, I'm sure he wouldn't be too happy about it. I was just saying that since it's frowned upon here, why not use the liquid if it works satisfactory.

  5. i think im gonna try pinning it. the reason being is that the research i have been doing on it seems as though it doesnt give the energy boost i need when taken orally. i guess ill just have to try it.



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