Possible Summer Stack - Please Critique

  1. Possible Summer Stack - Please Critique

    So this is the stack I think I may run during the summer. It will be a pretty clean bulk, probably 500-750 cals over maintenance. I already own these compounds and I have really been wanting to try Revolt b/c I have had great experience with Propadrol.

    Past experience is Propadrol solo as well as an 8 weeker of Bold/H-Drol/Propadrol.

    Here's what I'm thinking:

    Days 1-10: Bold 600mg, Revolt 75mg
    Days 11-20: Bold 600mg, Revolt 75mg
    Days 21-30: Bold 600mg, Revolt 75mg, H-Drol 50mg
    Days 31-40: Bold 600mg, H-Drol 50mg
    Days 41-50: Bold 600mg, H-Drol 50mg, Trenadrol 60mg
    Days 51-60: Bold 600mg, Trenadrol 60mg
    Days 61-70: Bold 600mg, Trenadrol 60mg

    Other compounds I could add in:

    Methyl XT
    11 Oxo Clone (not sure if it's legit)
    Methyl E (not sure if it's legit)
    Wintrol (2 bottles)
    Trenaplex (2 bottles)
    M-Drol (2 bottles)

    What do you think? I seem to think the Revolt will be a great way to get some quick strength and size, halodrol will obviously continue this and I think Trenadrol may lean me out at the end. Would you move those three around?

  2. sounds pretty solid but i would definitly get blood tests done while running this to monitor liver and BP etc.. your doses are modest and the length is not too extreme. also the halodrol might be better if swapped for the epistane to supress estro and bloat from revolt + Bold.

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