oh-test dosing???

  1. oh-test dosing???

    In a transdermal how much is everyone doing. Is anyone doing it by itself or stacked with 4-ad for example. I am looking for some feedback without 1-test in the stack???? Let me know TTY.. I am looking to do it in my next stack but am a little unsure of effective dosages.. Thanx

  2. I'm using 200mg a day trans with 250mg 4-AD trans. I have no idea if this is right or not. I've used it for a little over a week and have gained 5 pounds with no sides.

  3. Does it disolve easy in to solution???? TTY

  4. yes, i disolved 12 grams in avants old gel.

  5. It does not precipitate out like 4-ad????

  6. Originally posted by curt2go
    It does not precipitate out like 4-ad????
    The gell looked like it mixed evenly. No chunks or thing like that.

  7. Thanx for the info.. TTY


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