Epi/h-drol Pulse Review

  1. Epi/h-drol Pulse Review

    this was my third run with epi and my first with h-drol. i pulsed for 5 and a half weeks, i gained about 15 lbs solid. dosed like this

    h-drol @ 100 mg eod weeks 1-4
    epi weeks 2 - 5 1/2 @ 30 mg

    I noticed about the same effects as when ran straight....the effects usually wear off mid fourth week for me.....i didnt really feel the h-drol that much..but i thought i felt better then normal for the first 2 weeks...i wanna try it on its own ran straight....5 1/2 weeks in and i dont think im shut down.

    strength went up on all lifts most notacible was bench up from 225 x 3-4 to 275 x 5 or 225 x 15

    im sure ill pulse again in the future....the only sides i got were back pumps for the last 2 workouts, and dehydration or dark urine for the last 2 or so weeks, also had fluctuating libido but always good enough. ive been off for a couple days so far and feel good.

  2. make sure to use a pct, you miht not be shut down but you definitly are supressed. as far as gains thats great 15lbs solid is awesome. dark urine is not good but as long as it isnt persisting your ok.

  3. for pct im using rebound reloaded @ a cap a day for like 3 weeks....with 1-3 caps of 6-oxo...so far no problems....towards the end of my cycle i started also having some GI problems which i dont know if it was from the building up of epi or drive....i had used drive before at 4-5 caps a day no prob but was having problems after the 4th week of the cycle on only 2 caps of drive eod....so for now no drive...and im also taking some maca which always works well.

  4. tru ur pct is fine. and yea drive gave me the same issues with my GI, especialy at higher doses.

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