Hows does this Havoc cycle sound?

  1. Hows does this Havoc cycle sound?

    ok ive had this Havoc for a while and have been doing alot of research. I was gonna stack it with test propionate, but I would like to take the Havoc solo to see how I like it. Ive done AAS before.

    During cycle.

    Havoc 20/30/30/40
    Opc-3 (Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins)
    fish oils
    cycle support


    b-6 600mg/day
    Nolva or Clomid (I havent Decided between the two, any suggestions?)

    Any input would be greatly appreciated

  2. looks solid.. except 2 things.. dose the b-6 at 200mg ED and i dont know why you are using it as havoc is not a progestin. and for a SERM use low dose tamox. 20/20/20/20 should be more then enough along with your 6-0x0

  3. I would say you look pretty good bro good luck
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  4. yea, i am gonna get some Liquinolva. I am debating in my head if I should add some EQ to my cycle. I am one of those people who likes to make sure everything is set in place perfectly before starting.

  5. eq? no save that for a test/ EQ cycle. it will need to be run minimum of 12 weeks and isnt good to use alone, it can effect sex drive negativly if doses arent right.

  6. see the problem is i dont wanna take anything that is gonna bloat me, I have sus as well but i want all dry gains with this havoc cycle. any suggestions??I have done sus before and i love that sh*t. I am thinking of doing the havoc alone. unless anyone can think of the best thing to stack it with.

  7. sust and EQ will be a relativly dry cycle and withi havoc it would be bone dry.

  8. Ok so i got all the great stuff that everyone has been talking about. My cycle is going to look like this. Mind you I workout 4 times a week pretty much around the same time, between 3:30pm - 4:30 pm

    *Cycle Support twice a day (morning and night)
    *Muti - morning with breakfast
    *DHEA - one hour before workout with Havoc
    *Taurine - 30 min before workout
    *Gut Health - Evening sometime post workout


    *So far i am planning on still running the cycle support and going to take Novladex

    Give me your feedback....Thanks!

  9. looks good, the dhea isnt really nessesary on cycle in my opinion.

  10. should i wait until towards the end or as PCT??

  11. i personaly would just use a low does during pct.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by nephilim666 View Post
    looks good, the dhea isnt really nessesary on cycle in my opinion.
    exactly, otherwise you're probably just going to promote shedding (losing hair).

  13. sweet, thanks for the info!!!

  14. see i thought the sus would bloat the hell outta me, i took it a couple times before and one time i retained a bit of water, the second time it wasnt too bad. You really think the havoc and sust would be a dry cycle huh??

  15. very dry indeed,

  16. so there it is, i will do the sus, i have this stuff laying around, i might as well use it. i have 2 bottles, 10cc each. What would be a good way to take the Havoc/sus??? Like i said my main concern is that I dont want any bloating, i have done the sus before and retained a bit of water, come to think of it, maybe it was my horrible diet. just lookin for some advice on how to plan out the actual cycle.thanks


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