3rd cycle SUST/EQ opinions?

  1. 3rd cycle SUST/EQ opinions?

    20 yrs old 5'10 180 lbs, pretty solid, lifting for 4 years seriously..... New goals are to put on good size increase strength, and keep a defined vascular look (reason for EQ) was originally gonna run anavar but only one guy I know has it and his price is outrageous

    How does this sound

    Weeks 1-10 Sustanon 250 500 mg/week (shooting e3d)
    Weeks 1-10 EQ at 400 mg/week

    Pct Nolvadex
    Weeks 1-2 40mg Ed
    Weeks 2-5 20mg Ed

    Few questions... how often should i shoot the EQ once a week or split dosage 2 times... lastly will that be a sufficient PCT or should I add clomid

  2. Your third cycle at 20!!!!You're not supposed to post about using roids if you are under 21 cause you shouldn't be using them if so.You can get banned or atleast get a

    :MOD EDIT:Read the rules!

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