roid use in the 1970s

  1. roid use in the 1970s

    hi guys, first post. anyone know how arny, scott, and others cycled their roids. no bitch tits, gains maintained, etc. and yet no clomid, arimidex, etc. in those days

  2. Bro they didn't cycle. They never were "OFF" As for the gyno, I'd have to say surgery bro. They all got taken care of. later J

  3. I think genetically some people have less problems with higher estrogen levels, and also like you said when they never come off, they don't get the high estrogen/low androgen problem that can wreak havoc.

    Staying on hrt forever is probably a lot healthier than cycling and coming off cold turkey a number of times.

  4. Zzigg.. do you happen to have anything to post that can back up your never come off idea.. I would like to see it... just interested in seeing why you say this

  5. I have no controlled scientific studies to post (there probably aren't any that have studied this), but out of personal experience and others experiences I have come to that conclusion.

    Have you heard of any one complaining of problems while on HRT dosages?

    How about problems post-cycle or while coming off? of course

    It is very common for people coming off of the cycle methods to complain of depression, weakened immunity, long term depressed testosterone, higher cortisol. I have talked to a number of people that did a few cycles in their 20's who are now in their late 30's and say that it was the worst thing they could have done.

    Common post-cycle therapies in use now seem to cause many side effect problems as well. Clomid isn't one of the most looked forward to drugs to be on due to side effects... etc.

    I personally theorize that bridging with HRT would avoid all of these side effects and also avoid the inevitable low testosterone crash that is unavoidable even with clomid/nolvadex.

  6. True but HRT is for someone that already has low free test levels.. I know all the symptoms for it because I have done HRT.. but my gear cycles were after I did HRT.
    The thing with PCT is that you are attempting to get your regular production of test back into gear... so if you bridge you are not going to get the full production back or anywhere near where it was.. Also if you do this then you would have to continue this basically for life, would you not?
    Might want to look at this article by Big Cat

  7. you say your hrt was before cycling... are you on hrt now? and if not how can you 'handle' having low test levels?

  8. Well right now I have had to change doctors.. so I am having to self medicate.. but I know what you mean about suffering through the low test.. funny thing is I don't think I really knew what was going on before I actually got to reading and understanding.

  9. After reading the bigcat article (in which he suggest slin and hgh but he seems more concerned with keeping muscle gains than actual benefits of avoiding low test levels) I still stick to my theories.

    I haven't heard of too many problems with hrt level dosages of test. I have witnessed many problems with low test levels post cycle, and even if one has their recovery regimen to perfection, there will always be a period of time with very low test levels, and that is less healthy than being on hrt in my opinion.


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