Hey all, curious what your thoughts would be on a BULKING cycle like this, change it around if you think something can be better. im halfway through my cycle:
Week 1-3 SD(m-drol) up to 25-30mg day
Week 3-5 Epi 30mg (im currently in the middle of week 5)
Week 5-10 Epi 40,40,50,60,70.
Week 10-13 M-drol 203mg/10mg/10mg
PCT: Week 13-23-Cissus-drol
Weeks 20-25 Cissus-drol (Double dose) Liquinolva, Cee, Glutamine, Weight gainer, HIGH CALS. After this 4-6 weeks off then cut just in time for summer. What do you all think?

Currents suppos are weight gainer, EAS whey, Boost weight maitenence, glutamine, high cals, flax oil, anioxidant, Vitamins, NO Xplode, CEE. Milk Thistle, Zinc, missing anything?

Currents stats and previous AAS history: 5'9, 173, 24 years young,training for 4 strait years. two previous cycles of SD, this is first epidrol cycle. From my first 3 weeks on SD at beggining of cycle gained 21lbs and after started epi asap and its been 3 weeks and im stable at the 21lbs including gained a few which im PROUD of. Money is no priority so reccommend anything you think is neccisary, please!!!