Taking a Non methyl Before a methyl Question

  1. Taking a Non methyl Before a methyl Question

    Im just wondering if taking a non methyl such as the finigenx clone "Tren Xtreme" 1 week prior to superdrol would inhibit my gains from superdrol? Even though supposely it doesnt cause shutdown in many of the users, I would still assume itstimultes the hpta to a degree or does it?. I also think it doesnt attach to the recepters but, again Im unsure about that as well.The reason for wanting to use it 1 week before is so it would be in full effect while I wait for superdrol to kick in.Even thought superdrol suppose kicks in 3-5days. But if it will potentially inhibit my gains I dont think I would follow through with it. Appreciate the feedback thanks.

  2. should be ok, but id doi it the other way round as part of your superdrol pct

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