My first possible Test E cycle, looking for advice.

  1. My first possible Test E cycle, looking for advice.

    Greetings, I’ve been lurking here for a couple years and posted a few times about steroid cycles but as of yet I have not done any, I just don’t feel that I’ve learned enough. I started off considering a designer cycle of hemadrol, I even went as far as to order it as well as some Cycle Support, Rebound Reloaded, fenugreek, CoQ10, policosanol, ZMA-T, DHEA, and Nolvadex for PCT. This was about a year to a year and a half ago.

    I’m currently leaning towards an injectable cycle rather than the hemadrol as I feel it will be easier on my body and more worth while. Every source I’ve found says that Testosterone Enanthate by it self is a good first cycle, somewhere around 500mgs/wk, however I am a little apprehensive because of the potential for excessive bloat/water weight. I’m not really worried about putting on a huge amount of muscle, sure an extra 20 lbs of permanent lean muscle would be great but right now I am more worried in sculpting and proportion. I think I have some descent base, I’m currently 200 lbs, about 12% body fat and 27 years old. When I graduated highschool at 18 I was 160 lbs. I’ve been as high as 220 at about 17% body fat about 8 months ago. I liked the strength when I was 220 but I did not like the feeling that went with being 17% body fat. My body seems to be most comfortable with body fat levels below 12 % as my cholesterol and BP lowers almost immediately at that point, My goal is to be below 10% permanently, I just don’t like how I look above that point.
    Can I expect to keep my gains fairly dry if my diet and training regime is in check? Can I expect to lean out a bit during my cycle as well as put on a few lbs?

    I’ve also started researching Epistane and Formestane but am not quite sure how to integrate them if at all. Another product I’ve been reading about is Clenbuterol but again, I’m not sure as to the latest insight on these product or their ability to be used in my situation.
    I’m sure that like everyone else I’m concerned with hairloss, and internal organ damage, I know Epistane is a methlyated compound so it should put more stress than an injectable, but have read that its not too harsh; as far as hair loss, am I correct in assuming that if test makes me loose hair I was going to loose it eventually anyway?

    Lastly, everything I already have has not expired except the cycle support and Nolvadex, they don’t have an expiration date on them. I don’t think I’m planning on using the Nolva though, from what I’ve learned Toremifene is better. Is there anything else I should update or replace or add? How about some Post Cycle Support for PCT and using the Cycle support only while loading and on cycle??
    This was my original PCT plan:
    Tamoxifen ramped inversely to Rebound Reloaded along with DHEA, ZMA-T, Fenugreek and above mentioned Cycle support sups.
    I was thinking like this:
    post cycle therapy day 1: nolva 60mg + atd ?mg
    post cycle therapy day 2: nolva 40mg + atd ?mg
    post cycle therapy day 3: nolva 20mg + atd ?mg
    post cycle therapy day 4-7: atd ?mg + 1.5g fenu + 100mg dhea
    post cycle therapy day 8-14: atd ?mg + 2g fenu + 75mg dhea
    post cycle therapy day 15-21: atd ?mg + 2.5g fenu + 50mg dhea
    post cycle therapy days 22-28: atd ?mg + 3g fenu + 25mg dhea
    post cycle therapy days 28-35: should I continue PCT for this period if I do a 6 week cycle?

    This forum has been a great learning platform thus far, Thanks to everyone who has contributed.

  2. pump.

  3. Yeah a test only cycle is recomended for first time user, as I'm in my 5th week of my first test cycle. Let me tell you doing a test cycle is a "Bulking cycle" Ive gained 14 lbs so far some water, some fat, some muscle. On a test cycle you want to consume alot of calories, but on a clean diet, however you will prob put some fat on regardless. If you want less wet gains/fat gains you want to eliminate all the extra estrogen which arimidex at .25-.5mg E.O.D should suffice. However, estrogen aids in the anabolic process so reducing it will hinder muscle mass gains. Also, I would recommend you use a kick start as you see nothing happen until the 4th week of using a long test ester. Some people use d-bol or Anadrol for the first 4 weeks. Since you said you want dry gains I would consider using a superdrol clone for your kickstart and it will be cheap as well.

  4. A finstride (propecia,fincar, proscar) should block test to converting to dht and causing hairloss. Also adding in nizoral shampoo should greatly reduce the probability of hairloss occuring.
  5. your test cycle

    you will see great gains from 500mg a week. even if you have done a little something before you would get gains off that.(remember i said a little something) but if you have never done anything your body is going to freak out a bit and you will see quit a bit of weight gain as well as strength. may want to through in a little fina or winny to help with the water retention you are not wanting but if you dont want to do that just yet no prob. make sure you drink a bunch of water and eat as clean as possible. good luck bro.

  6. my first cycle was 12 weeks of test cyp and i didn experince much water retention at all i did experince some gyno slightly so i added some nolva that was around week five my diet was extremly clean and high cal the end of that cycle i was 207 at about 8 percent through pct i lost 3lbs but tottal wieght gain was 18 lbs

  7. what would be a good product to lean up nicely during PCT?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by flw View Post
    what would be a good product to lean up nicely during PCT?
    DCP, and Retain 2.0 would be ideal IMHO.

  9. proviron is a great addition to any cycle with test in it. why does no1 on these boards use proV?

  10. I'm still on the fence about test right now, maybe in the fall after I've leaned out for the summer and can more easily afford to put on some extra weight.

    Anyone have a suggestion for a good first cycle that is a cutting cycle?? I would prefer something that is not liver toxic but am open to any suggestions. Maybe EPI??

  11. bump, anyone have some advice on Epistane as a first cycle?

  12. i think Havoc/Epi would be perfect for a first cycle, just make sure u have ur support and pct supps ON HAND before u start

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