Havoc stacked with Inhibit-e?

  1. Havoc stacked with Inhibit-e?

    Is it a bad or good idea to run Inhibit-e with Havoc?

  2. is this a dumb question?

  3. yes it is since Inhibit-e its a ATD why would you want something that reduces to some degree estrogen (havoc) and add another compound that reduces estrogen to a greater level, leaving you with probably no libido(due to the ATD) and achy joints cause of the low estrogen.

  4. if you need help you can look in to this thread and ask for advice there , and if you want to do it by yourself you can look up neo;s thread and get some ideas also looking at other peoples havoc cycles might give you an idea

    Havoc Straight/Pulse Cycle Question Thread



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