soft core stack

  1. soft core stack

    Good day,
    In the September issue of muscular development it it stated that the hight rated and least amount of side effects came fron a stack of nandrolone decanoate and test cypionate both at 200 mg per week with 20mg a day of novaldex.
    IS THIS REALLY THE CHOICE OF CHAMPIONS? I know it is not hard core because he listed those ones too. My only question is can a person do this transdermally and get away side effect free?
    Help me out bros!

  2. If your gonna spend your hard earned money on gear. You might as well get the most out of it. Thats by injecting it. And instead of running 200mgs of each your better off running at least 400mgs of cyp. And if your worried about sides run the nolva ed, or better yet pick some letrozole.

  3. If you had test base and nandro base than you could do it transdermally but like said above, up the test, 250mg will yield the same side effects as 500mg

  4. test/nandrolone base transdermal works, but it's too much of a quick-fix of sorts.. Injections are better, no question.. Plus the powders aren't all that easy to aquire..

  5. Thanks guys!
    Is there a combo out there that can be done transdrmally( I'm kinda set in my ways about that one because needles are out for me) that is powerful but with no hairloss and little acne. I'm looking to get a hight quality stack with no permanent visible side effects. Help me out. thanks!



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