halodrol , novedex xt, mass fx and jungle warfare

  1. halodrol , novedex xt, mass fx and jungle warfare

    can somebody tell me about this supplements i want to boots

    my test levels im 23 and i have been training for 5 years

    i know that with halodrol i have to use a pct but i want to know the feed from you guys to see which of those should i use

    my weight is 170, bf 10%.

    i have been reading a lot about this supplements and the two of claim to be good. can i stack it with creaatine?

    How effective would this be as a stack? I'm interested in bulking as cleanly as possible and gaining strength, as well as looking for typical increased testosterone effects. thanks in advanced

  2. this is my supplement list:

    tribulus (should i use it in pct)?

    should i put something else in this list?

    and during the cycle the diiet has to be high in carb low glicemyc i know only for post workout high glycemic but when i eat to many carbs i put on fat really easy ?

    any help?

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