6oxo or Nolva post cycle

  1. 6oxo or Nolva post cycle

    I see most of you say its good to have nolvadex on hand incase gyno occurs post PH cycle, and I also see everyone uses 6oxo for post cycle recovery. Would it be even safer to ditch the 6oxo and just use nolvadex(im only 30min away from Mexico) for post cycle recovery? Thanks

  2. I would definitely ditch the 6-OXO and go with nolva for post.

  3. abso****inglutely

  4. So taking nolvadex can't have any side effects since im using it post-ph stack and not post-steroid stack? Should I take some tribulus with it maybe?

  5. Just wondering where can I find nolvadex, I find it anywhere, thanks



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