Using liquid meals throughout the day

  1. Using liquid meals throughout the day

    Anyone have any clue on liquid meals throughout the day, or any other information on it? I have seen this one on another website, posted below: what do you think about it on and off cycle for clean bulking?

    Meal 1 -Muscle Juice Shake + Oats = 1,200 calories
    Meal 2 -Muscle Juice Shake + Oats = 1,200 calories
    Meal 3 -Fast Food Run - 1,000 Calories
    Meal 4 -Bag of Bertolli Pasta - 1,200 Calories
    Meal 5 -Pre Workout Meal, 2 Bagels and 2 PB/J Sammiches = 600-700 calories
    Meal 6 -Muscle Juice Shake + Oats = 1,200 calories
    Meal 7 -Muscle Juice Shake + Oats = 1,200 calories
    Meal 8 -High Fat/Protein Meal = 800 calories

  2. Looks like someone who is really uniformed nutrition wise. I wouldn't follow that plan at all.

  3. 8500cals are you sure?

    I would go at least, solid food -liquid-solid food-liquid etc

  4. Plus it is SEVERELY lacking produce. That is an insanely acidic diet to follow.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  5. I followed a mostly liquid diet with success for about a month due to lack lack of time to prepare meals. Although im sure you could get at least 2 whole food meal in there. Such as breakfast and dinner at least. The diet itself seems like a little to much. I would think that u wouldnt need more than 5000cals for bulking and even that is to much for me. Just out of curiousity what are you current stats? WEight? height? bf?

  6. I would,and do,drink a shake first thing in the morning and then eat an hour later.Eat or drink a shake 2-3hours later.If yiou drink a shake,get something in an hour later.Poor diet plan in my opinion,but excellent choice on the muscle juice if your metabolism can handle it,i love that stuff,and i drink 2 a day.The vanilla has more cals carbs but same sugar as the choc.


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