Revised Stack - Inputs Please

  1. Revised Stack - Inputs Please

    I posted an April/May stack the other day but I have revised it. I am taking out the Bold (don't want to use it in back to back cycles) and I am now stretching out the Tren as the base and will be adding in the Revolt compound.

    I am planning to run this in April and May. I have done two cycles in the past:

    1) 8 Weeker: 600 mg Bold throughout - 50 mg Halodrol weeks 1-4 and 50 mg Propadrol weeks 5-8

    2) 1 4 Week Propadrol 60 mg

    My current stats are:

    5 foot 8
    185 lbs
    Bodyfat isn't high, not too low though, I can see abs depending on my diet.

    Maxes include:
    Bench: 325
    Squat: 350
    Dead: 425

    I will be eating well over maintenance during the first 4 weeks and then probably 500 cals over maintenance during the last four weeks.

    I am starting this out with a wet compound to gain size/strength and then cutting down at the end. I will be using the Estra/Dienelone compound as my base here. The first number is the MG of the Revolt compound I will be taking per day, the 2nd is the MG of the Estra/Dienelone compound I will be taking per day, the 3rd is the MG of the Furaz compound I will be taking daily.

    Throughout the cycle I will be taking Diesel Test Hardcore. PCT has not been finalized but will probably be Post Cycle Support, Sustain Alpha, DTHC and Lean Xtreme. If I feel incredibly shutdown which I may, I have Torem on hand.

    Week 1: 74/75/0
    Week 2: 99/100/0
    Week 3: 124/100/0
    Week 4: 136/100/0
    Week 5: 0/100/150
    Week 6: 0/100/200
    Week 7: 0/125/250
    Week 8: 0/150/250

    There are a couple days which are slightly different but this is pretty much what it looks like. The values may appear weird but that is because I willbe using the following:

    1 Bottle of Revolt
    2 Bottles of Trenaplex
    1 Bottle of Sus500
    2 Bottles of Furazadrol

    Let me know what you think!

  2. Would you keep the Sus500? or should I take it out and lower the Revolt/Tren dosage at the beginning?

    or get another bottle of only Tren and up the Tren throughout the cycle

    or add in two bottles of 11 oxo

    or add in a methyl to kick it off

    what do you think?

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