superdrol pulse advice

  1. superdrol pulse advice

    I just started reading on pulsing and have been thinking about maybe running a mild superdrol pulse. I was thinking of running just 20mg MWF (10 prew and 10 pow) but not really sure about post cycle therapy or whether to run an ai straight through or only on off days. I'm thinking that straight through would be better for me though because I am prone to gyno flare ups. Also, I happen to have a bottle of atd on hand and 25mg usally doesn't bother my libido so do you guys think I could use that? Here's a rough sketch of what i'm thinking:

    superdrol 20mg MWF
    atd 25mg ED
    AI cycle supprt throughout

    In Dr.D's thread he said that and ai or natty test booster would eliminate the need for a serm post cycle therapy. What do you guys think about that? Any input would be appreciated, I'm only used to running straight cycles.

  2. Well, it's superdrol. Not having a serm around is a bad idea. Some people do okay on SD, and some folks can't take the stuff at all, the sides are so bad for them. If you are gyno prone, I wouldn't go near the stuff without a serm. Even with Cycle Support, you still want to get blood tests before and after to make sure you didn't completely screw your lipid profiles. It's a pulse, yeah, but it's superdrol. You can't be too carefull with SD.
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  3. thats true, i think ill have some torem on hand just in case

  4. what do you think about the atd? should I run it ED or only on off days?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by dice404 View Post
    what do you think about the atd? should I run it ED or only on off days?
    I've never used ATD. I've heard good things about it at lower doses, and bad thinds about it at high doses. I do believe that it has no place in PCT, I've read too much from people I trust to use it in that respect. Read up on it, see if you think it's what you want. There are plenty of other test boosters to use; HDX2, DTHC, any Divanil product, trib based supps haven't been proved to increase test, just libido.

    In any case, I'd think running it every day would be your best bet, most of that stuff seems to work better that way.
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