Dosing H-Drol

  1. Dosing H-Drol

    When taking 50mg of H-Drol is it better to take all 50mg in the morning at breakfast or take 25mg in the morning and 25mg like 10-12 hours later as you would with SD?

  2. im takin mine 12hrs arpart

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    10-12 hours would may be too far because that should put you just before bed-time, would it not (probably not though)...Are you also factoring in liver support, which from what I understand should be at least 4 hours after the dose. Personally, I'm going to do the morning around breakfast, take the liver support to work, come home in late afternoon and take second dose, before workout, probably take 2nd dose of liver support just before bed. That's me.

    Actually, since I get up at some days at 05:30 am, 10 hours is going to be what I'm doing. Days where I get up at 7:30 will be about 9-10 hours later as well.
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    What he said.



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