Epi-Max / Ripped Tab Stack ???

  1. Epi-Max / Ripped Tab Stack ???

    Am about to begin a epi-max / ripped tab stack. Looking to lean out and slowly gain retainable muscle mass / strength.
    I have taken prohormones before with great success. I have never stacked. I am thinking to Pulse the Epi @ 20mg per day on training days, while taking the recommended dosage daily on the ripped tabs.
    On training and non-training looking at taking either Perfect Cycle or Liv.52. Also, on non-training days looking to take Post Cycle Support. Planning to run epi pulse 8 weeks, and the stack for 4 weeks.
    Any suggestions or better recommendations.
    Experienced lifter and supplement user.
    Worried about stress to liver and maximizing gains, but have heard taking thistle while on cycle could compromise gains.

  2. can u elaborate on this, milk thisle compromises gains??? Never heard that b4. on the other hand you are stacking 2 methylated products so I would think that it would only be smart to use milk thistle, even if you do sacrifice some gains.

  3. I was told that the use of milk thistle during the cycle may limit some of the gains in the 4 week cycle. The ripped tabs are unmethylated are they not? What would you recommend?

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