What Kind of gear can do this?

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  1. Gag reflex Bump.

  2. For anyone interested, this is the website
    of the guy in the picture.


  3. I think this just about sums up modern competitive body-building. Never mind symmetry, forget aesthetics, quality - who needs that? Just get freaky big and get some attention.
    With the likes of Frank Zane & Al Beccles etc, we could have more than one body-type on stage, and they would both be something to aspire to.
    This is just bloody stupidity.

  4. read this **** and laugh from bicepmania



  5. i would be embarrased to look like that retard, everyone knows there is nothing real about those retarded looking arms. no thanks ill take my puny 16's ...........

  6. I pity the fool.

  7. I once knew a homeless guy in Miami that had elephantitus of the nuts and he would ride around on a beat up beach cruiser with his nuts hanging over the sides of the seats almost touching the pedals. Nuts like cantalope! We asked him why he used to let his nuts blow in the breeze like that and he would drukenly say "because its cool". Little did he know. This clown reminds me of how stupid some people can really be.
    His arms look like inoperable tumors that have grown out of control. You know what I mean. Like when a little homeless dog or something runs up to you and you think it would make a cool pet till it turns around and you see some god awful growth on it. Thats what this guys arms look like. GOD-AWFUL GROWTHS!!!
    Cut those ****ing things off and donate them to science.

    Look at this ****, strugling on 55's. I see more veins on his head then his arms.

    HAAAAAA, I hate criticizing too, but damn.

  8. dumbass!!!

    Why wont pics post? I guess cause hes making everyone sick. Ohh well check link for more dumbass.

  9. guy looks stupid as hell

  10. heh, this guy actually thinks he looks good? wtf???

    lookin at those pics from that link, u can tell he has an ego the size of the continent of Africa. makes me wanna jump into the screen and slap the $hit out of em.

    i hate people like that. even in the gym if i see a bigger guy trying to sike out a beginner, ill step in and make him look like a dumbass. theres not a reason in the world why u should even consider shooting synthol. nonetheless show it off an try to be hardcore. can anybody say "mental counseling"?

  11. someone needs to post the picture of the guys bicep that blew up becase of synthol

  12. I love his store and how he says I don't use it but I sale ithttp://www.bicepmania.net/index.cfm?page****6

  13. that guy looks like ****. It just looks like a balloon in his bicept, no cut at all. when that swelling goes away hes gonna have the worst strech marks.
    ****in retarted
    why not just earn your **** the real way?


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