Drug testing

  1. Drug testing

    Just curious, in a drug test that is looking for steroids would a designer steroid such as epistane or any of the others for that matter cause you to fail, this is probrably a retarted question but the i was considering that they may not as they are new and the anti doping agencies may not have yet found the metabolites that discern them as anabolic steroids

  2. Metabolites don't matter, if they use a 6:1 ratio then you will fail...

  3. Rule #1 - when subject to drug testing of any kind, don't take drugs.

    That being said, what kind of testing is it, military, police, fire? Those types test for that kind of thing (sometimes) but typically employers do not.

  4. im actually not getting tested at all i was just interested in getting better knowledge on how the drug tests actually work in case i was faced with one in the future, and what it is that they are actually detecting to determine that you are using AAS, and the thought had crossed my mind about designers because they are new may not show up, evidently that is not the case

  5. designers are prohormones or prosteroids of actual things they test for. They can also test for ratios of various hormones to others in your body to see if its something they just don't test for. Refer to rule #1.



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