non methyl ph cycle

  1. non methyl ph cycle

    I want to run a cycle with no methyls their seems to be a lot of options. I was thinking maybe use dermacrine as a staple with methoxy tst and sus 500 anyone have any ideas? the purpose of this cycle is just to keep lean and strong during I guess you could call a cut but not really. my program is really damanding on all energy systems and on top of that I box and submision wrestle so I would like to enhance my recovery and stay strong.

  2. You mean injectable Sustenon or an oral product? The only oral sus ph I know has 3 proH's in it?


  3. Ummm....I dont know about the SUS but if you run the methoxy tst run it in the 10-12 mg zone for some sick gains. My buddy put on 12 lbs in 4 weeks.

  4. thats what I was thinkin sus 500 haS ergo and the dienelone ph in it I think. I think il do methoxy,megatrn,and dermicrine the strength and hardening should be awesome thx 4 responses

  5. im runnin the sus500 rite and and i love it, im loggin it its in the cycle info section

  6. thx sportsbro!

  7. I put on 14 in one week of Cyclo Bolan.

  8. by boy did cyclo bolan and he leaned out like a mofo.


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