Test e/Deca cycle newb question

  1. Test e/Deca cycle newb question

    I currently have 3000mg of Test e and 6000mg of Deca. For post cycle therapy i have 1500mg of torm. For support supps i have cycle support, sesamin oil, fish oil, ALA, and UriCare(Himalaya).

    Stats: 33yrs old
    ~13% bf
    10 years lifting exp.
    Past cycles: Jungle Warfare(double dosed) no sides 10lbs kept all.
    Prop/H-drol gained 16lbs lost 8lbs (bad post cycle therapy of 6-oxo, reduce xt, inhibit-e)

    I want to do it right this time with gear. Should i use an AI during the cycle?

    Because I only have 1500mg of torm I was going to run it

    With the amount of gear i have i could run...
    test e 10 weeks @ 300ew
    deca 10 weeks @ 600ew
    injections would be split to monday-300T 300D
    Thurs- 300D

    I know the Deca is too high and test is too low but i am trying to avoid the aromatising effects of test to an extent.

    Can I run ATD around week 2 to help with recovery(post cycle therapy)?
    I guess I want to know what i can add to help with the major shutdown from Deca. I do not want to lose my hard earned gains. And also combat the estro sides from the test while on.
    Prefer an OTC.

    I have done many months of research and find too many opposing opinions. Any help with this cycle would be appreciated.

  2. i warned u hope u dont have a gf....deca **** here u come

  3. yeah I know, no i do not have a girlfriend. I just want to know if my cycle dosages and pct is all screwed up


  4. I thought guys usually ran more Test than Deca (500mg test e/400mg deca)...???...You might want to look into that. I also believe that the test is usually ran longer than deca due to deca's ridiculous half life. You could also run an oral (designer or ug) for the first three weeks or so to jumpstart your cycle.

    I'm not sure about what, if any ai would work with deca nor do I know anything torm. Sorry, but at least now somebody will likely chime in and either correct my advice above or confirm it.

    EDIT: Nevermind...you already knew that...not sure what you're asking about the doseages then, maybe the ai...???...I would hold off on this cycle until you can get everything that you need to run it properly.
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  5. thank you for your response. I will adjust my dosages to reflect your advice. As far as the Toremifene I was just wondering if my dosing idea would work or do I need more because of the severe shutdown with deca.

    I also read on a post that an AI on cycle may help with test sides. Also is there something for the prolactin issues with a progestin?

    The ATD in post cycle therapy seemed like it would help with natty test levels and estro reduction in addition to the serm.

    My main point is I just dont want to be struggling to get my natty test levels back to norm or have to deal with gyno which i dont seem to be prone to but i know it can happen to anyone. As far as the test sides i would like to reduce them mildly but not totally suppress them as I know the estro helps gains.

    Sorry if my questions are confusing or have been asked too many times.

    I do have some havoc, h-drol, bold, furazadrol, propadrol so i guess i could front load with ONE of those, probably a methyl

    Thanks in advance for the help and by the way I respect your advice it has helped me before.

  6. Don't just take my word...keep on searching and asking. There's plenty of brains here to pick!

    The only oral that would seem remotely appropriate to jumpstart your cycle would be the havoc IMO. I don't know a lot about torm and doseages and ATD in post cycle therapy is a hot topic as of late. As far as prolactin sides goes I recall that one of the vitamin Bs can be used for this for short periods of time (I think it's B6, but you'll want to search that). Again, I'm not sure of its exact uses, but I know that cabergoline (aka dostinex) is often discussed when prolactin is discussed. Restrore by ALRI is supposed good for this too, but I don't recall seeing any feedback when used with something other than some of the oral designers that are out (doesn't mean it won't help/work though).

    I don't have the answers that you're looking for, but hopefully somebody reading this will. Until then you have a few more things you can look into. Keep asking and searching bro.
    Good Luck!

    EDIT: Omg B6 Does Work For Prolactin Gyno! - Some B6 and dostinex info
    RcB Since 09-06-2011 20:55 EST, Post 49

  7. Cabergoline (dostinex) will help with prolactin induced gyno or help keep prolactin levels down if needed, and MO is the best thing for it. Not to mention some experience some enhanced libido effects.

  8. Thanks STX and THWOMP I will research those points you mentioned. I am an engineer so i have that habit of having to know everything before I jump in.

  9. I would wait until you get more gear and run:

    Test E 500mg weeks 1-14
    Deca 300mg weeks 1-11
    HCG 500iu weeks 6-15
    Proviron 50mg a day weeks 1-15
    post cycle therapy weeks 16-20
    (I would NOT use ATD in pct as it is acts on androgen receptors.)

    Have Nolva, cab & Adex on hand should sides arise.

    Deca aromatizes too, not just test.

    There is no getting around the level of shutdown other than the HCG but running the test out longer is a must due to the longer decanoate ester. The ancillaries can combat sides but as deca works on various pathways your HPTA will take quite a hit.

    There are quite a few threads here regarding various cycles, post cycle therapies and on cycle ancillaries and I strongly recommend searching through them and finding some real world user feedback. If your going to do it ... do it right.
    Recent log:http://anabolicminds.com/forum/supplement-reviews-logs/213350-lean-efx-refined.html

  10. You're a good man BP!
    RcB Since 09-06-2011 20:55 EST, Post 49

  11. Thank you BP that is what I was looking for. Look forward to future discussions on AM.


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