stacking winny with epistane

  1. stacking winny with epistane

    whats your thoughts on it? no questio on prior cycle experience as theres no need for that.

    4 days ago i started a cycle of epistane at 20mg/30mg/30mg/30mg - but i just recently remebered i had a litle bit of winny left over and i was thinking i could maybe use this to my advantage. I remember reading lowers SHBG and also is a personal steroid of mine that i seem to like.

    Would it be worth it to stack winny with epistane and if so what dosages for winny would i run?

    also if your going to say i need to run test or milk thistle please dont waste your time

  2. Sounds like you already have all the answers except why you think 2 methyls together is a good idea, and what you think one would add to the other.

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