H-drol / Furazadrol stack advice

  1. H-drol / Furazadrol stack advice

    OK guys im in the planning stage. a few things have already been bought.

    Novedex XT

    Im 6-1 260 did M1T last year this time and shot up to 280. im getting my support meds together now.
    Fish Oil omega 3
    Animal Pack or a good multi vitamin not sure which one.
    Cycle Support
    Clout/Vasocharge/Smash combo

    Novedex XT
    POST Cycle support
    I have my ingredients just need some help putting it all together.

    I wanna run 6 weeks. Hdrol between 50-75mg and furazadrol around 250-300mg. but im confusing myself mapping it all out. Should i start taking hdrol & fura during week 1 or should i take one then the other in week 2? What week should i start my PCT?


  2. Update

    im thinking:
    Hdrol: 50/75/75/75/75/75
    Furaz: 150/200/250/250/250/250

  3. Does anyone know how many bottles of each that is?

  4. Hey Kraig, It depends on the brands but if they're they ones I have (which I'm assuming by the names you have listed) it'd be 2 bottles of H-Drol & just slightly over 3 bottles of Furazadrol. The Furazadrol comes 60 x 50mg and you'd need 189 with your plan, but I'm sure you could use just 3 bottles instead. I actually just got this same stack but haven't started yet. I plan on lower doses because I've never used a ph before and I'm a bit lighter than you at 220lbs.

  5. I don't think you'll need the furaz with that dosage of the h-drol. I'd run these separately at the same dosages you listed in two far apart cycles. The furaz will probably hinder the strength gains from the h-drol anyway. What are you looking to do? Lean bulk with h-drol or cut with furaz? Save you money and the results will be better between 2 cycles instead of one mega cycle.

  6. I have this same stack only I planned to run the H-drol @ 50mg for 4 weeks and Furazadrol @ 100mg for 5 or 6 weeks. I'm only 220lb and never used PH's but I read where Furaz has no strain on your liver (non-methylated) plus it 'opens' the androgen receptors thus amplifying other hormonal supplements. I also considered just running straight H-Drol 50/day for a month as well since it's my 1st cycle of anything.

  7. Your Post Cycle Therapy does not look good at all. Any reason why you are going to run Noveldex XT?

  8. just because furaz isn't methylated does not mean that it has no effect on your liver, it's just easier on it than methylated products. However you still need to take into account the mg's of the hormone and the fact that you're running two hormones at once.

  9. From what i researched Novedex XT is the best Test Booter out. I have a buddy that is a rep for Axis and he told me Hdrol would be a good mix.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by KraigBlack View Post
    From what i researched Novedex XT is the best Test Booter out. I have a buddy that is a rep for Axis and he told me Hdrol would be a good mix.
    You must be researching on a Gaspari site. Because there are far better TEST boosters on the market. And plus, you'll need more than just a TEST booster for post cycle therapy.

  11. I ran that cycle.

    H-Drol @ 50/75/75/75
    Furazadrol @ 150/150/150 and then I ran out.

    PCT: Tamoxifen Citrate (don't remember the dose)

    Gained 10lbs of bad-assness back around October/November.
    The muscle has been easy to maintain


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