Stacking Ph

  1. Stacking Ph

    Its simple. I want more mass.

    I know its one or the other (cut or bulk). However, I am lifting still heavy as hell, running 3-5 x a week. My food consumption is low-calorie. ranging in the 2000-2500 range. Is there a stack of PH's that can donate some size and strength while cutting and lean me out? I know of Epi and H-Drol. Could I stack something here for a good cut w/ "potential gains" ? I have superdrol and Furazdrol right now.

  2. Only one solution THE ANABOLIC HALO! with the free test cold burn!!!! LOL j/k i couldnt help myself, have you done any phs in the past ? I dont think sdrol is very cardio friendly bacause of the back and calf pumps, maybe epi and furaz or h-drol and furaz. I love h-drol hdrol it leans me out very well and is relativly safe

  3. yea, I have 3 PP cycles and 1 SD cycle. im just thinking how I can get stronger maybe a lil more mass, but just cut it up. Anyone know anything about m1,4add??? I hear its mostly a strength promotor vs size

  4. from what I understand it is a little on the wet side so I dont know if it would do much good as a cutter

  5. If you want MASS, you have to eat/raise your calories.

  6. add atleast 1000 calories to your diet if you wanna bulk up man

    these drugs don't work on their own they use the food as fuel
    good luck

  7. I understand that calories need to be consumed for them to work, and sleep, and all the other goodies. BUT I wanna cut, and im wondering what is recommended as a PH for a cycle if one is cutting? Im looking to maybe bridge or stack two that can be used effectly in what im trying to achieve.

    If I wanna cut, is it mostly recommended to use a PH that offers dry gains?

    Propadrol seems like 1 compound I would like to use due to is large decreases in BF%, possibly add another to it...?

    I read online that some people were doing epistane 4 weeks o so w/ a 2500 calorie diet?

  8. hdrol at 75-100mgs sounds right on target for this cycle

  9. so? hdrol @ 75mg ed w/ propadrol @ 90mg

  10. Eating half the calories you need to grow and running 3-5 days per week will make sure you don't gain an ounce. Your diet and exercise is absolutely perfect to not gain and in fact lose - I say this because I'm eating what you need to be eating, and you're eating what I need to be eating

    Eat more, make sure half of its real food like steak and chicken, and then have 2 more shakes when you think you've eaten enough, then 2 hours later eat again, and have a shake before bed. When you feel nauseous, wait an hour, and then go hit the iron.


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