Dermacrine and Epichloro Mini-log

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  1. Dermacrine and Epichloro Mini-log

    Alright I posted I was doing this little stack and there were some interested parties so I decided to do a little log nothing detailed just updates and to the point.


    21 Years Old
    Around 190 (After cutting Down from 208 Last semester.)
    All the girls I know are like you look skinny and you know its a compliment but Im like NO time to bulk haha
    BF is an estimated around 11%

    AAS/PHS History:

    2 - 3 week (first dosed 10/20/20 second 10/20/30) Superdrol runs... Works fast and seems great but nasty stuff for the insides
    2- Anavar only Cycles ( Personally this is a great oral cycle though harsh on cholesterol and blood pressure.)
    1 - 12 WK..Test Enanthate/EQ - 500/400 WK RESPECTIVELY
    1 - 7 WEEK Test Prop/Tren A/Var cutter.

    After some heavy cutting strength is a little low but still not bad:

    315lb Bench (A far cry from the 385-390 I have put up in the past with a little assistance.)
    ~405 Squat
    ~390-400 Dead

    Goal is mainly nice lean bulk, gain some strength back. If possible lose a bodyfat % or 2.... This will be more linked to the diet than compounds ofcourse.

    Lifting Will be an Uppper/Lower split for 4 sessions different rep ranges each workout. Cardio of some sort, usually HIIT or basketball since I am in Intramurals.

    I am currently doing:

    Dermacrine 5 pumps a day
    Epichloro 4 a day split up

    Along with Cycle support

    PCT will be Dermacrine Sustain and Toremifene 120 (for 4 days)/90/60/30

    On day 3 obviusly nothing too really report...but I did wake up and have felt like pumped all day which seems too fast to be kicking in but I havent felt like this for awhile. Its like one of those good days where you feel big and hard.

    Questions comments feel free to post up!!

  2. In... Good luck foo'.

  3. Cool!

  4. Not sure if everyone is aware or not but Epichloro is a Epistane/Halodrol stack in one product with a few support supps.

    DAY 3 (Today)

    Just thought Id post up the workout from today for comparison later on in the cycle... pretty good one considering it was legs. 530 pm

    Squat: 280x8 280x8 255x8
    V-Crunches: 8, 8 , 8
    Deadlift (no straps): 225x8, 225x8, 225x8
    Decline Crunch (slow controlled): 8, 8, 8
    Calf Raises: 225x8, 225x8, 225x8

    After this week may move deadlift to other Leg day havent decided.

    Scale at gym: 192.5 It never seems that accurate but will consistently use that one.

    OT: I really hate the gym when its just so packed need to find a new time it really gets my concentration adn since its the Univeristy workout center its packed more than a normal gym.
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  5. I was looking for epichloro, figured it was an epistane plus somehting, just wasn't sure of the something was considering maybe halodrol

  6. Oops typo....Just edited it...its Epistane + Halo combo! ha

  7. ah damn, I made a good guess then You should be all headed for some serious recomping or very lean gains

  8. Charger,

    Is that EpiChlorol? With the garlic and the milk thistle, etc. added in...?


  9. That's the one....

  10. subbed

  11. Alright just a little update... Feeling great, I have been feeling slightly unmotivated and sluggish the last few weeks but I have had a sense of well beign since starting.

    Work out on Thursday:

    Incline Bench: 75x8, 75x8 75x6
    Chest Supported Row: 135x8,8,8
    Dips: Bwx15 Bwx12 Bwx12
    Fixed BB Curl: 70x8 70x8 70x8
    Felt strong and pumped.


    HIIT - Good endurance

    Will update with todays workout later on.

    Comments: This stuff in one week is as good as my previous far cycles. Water weight is definitely down, looking more cut than usual Everydya seems to be one of those days that you look in the mirror and tink you look great, always pumped low water weight....Lovin it!

  12. Did I mention that this combo has my libido out the roof! H-O-R-NY haha... Thank goodness a girl I have been talking to is coming in Monday. For good measure Aspire36 is in my stash

  13. Little update

    Busy weekend with my fathers birthday. Used a different gym so tomorrow will see how the weight is. Eating really clean but slightly over maintanence.

    Sunday workout:

    Front Squat: 205x 3,3,3,3,3,3,2,2
    Leg Curl: 130x 3,3,3,3,3,3,3,6 Too light
    Seated calf raises: 180x 3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3

    Its about time to switch up workouts that was about 4 weeks on that one.
    Anyone that wants to chime in feel free haha I'll try to update on a more regular basis.

  14. Day 8

    Been slightly over a week now. I have switched my training to 3x week full body because of my schedule at school right now can't seem to get 4 in easily. Cardio will still be done on off days usually HIIT

    Weighed myself on the gym scale today, small protein shake in the stomach with about 25g of WMS.

    Weight: 196.5! +4 in one week, I feel bigger and stronger and looks liek no bodyfat increase so its at almost 100% lean mass (Muscle with some water and glycogen too) Exciting.

    Workout #1 for the week:

    Dips: BW+45 6x3
    Front Squat ATG: 155 6x3
    Chinup: BW+2 x 3,3 BW+ 30 x3,3,3,3
    Leg Curl (Free Weight type): 90 6x3
    Seated Calf raises: 3-45s 6x3

    Not getting much love in my thread with all the views haha... but if I help someone its worth it...

  15. Quote Originally Posted by Chargerfball25 View Post

    Not getting much love in my thread with all the views haha... but if I help someone its worth it...
    Don't feel bad..

    I love you (no homo)

  16. I like logs that aren't all cluttered with chatter, so I tend not to reply unless I notice something important one way or another.

  17. Well I appreciate yall's responses, good to know people are paying attention haha I'll keep the log rolling....

  18. Its worthwhile to keep a log even just for yourself. adding in pictures, and being able to look at weights and sizes over time really shows progression. plus showing that you can and do complete full logs makes you more of a "competitor" for all of the logging opportunities here on AM. Like there is a call for X-factor stacks going on right now

  19. You getting the garlic burps yet Charger? I love the EpiChlorol!!


  20. I read all about the garlic burps but I havent really gotten them! ha maybe a little here and there but nothing much to write home about. However I dont hardly get fish oil burps even with really cheap capsules so maybe Im not the best judge! I have been in the best mood the last week I love it.

  21. OK.... So I was just pondering everyones opinion, I have torm and Sustain Alpha for PCT. This seems like a pretty like cycle so far and I thought id get opinions on not using the Torm this go around and using Sustain Alpha only, be interesting to see at least. I am not sure as I always have used a research SERM from my very first cycle on.....Thoughts?

  22. Bump....will update today fro second lifting workout of the week. But it passed the real test, a girl friend of mine came by my apartment, I see her at least once a week, and she kept saying how huge my arms looked :bb:

    Ofcourse these days... are you on steroids? haha No way babe

  23. Quote Originally Posted by Chargerfball25 View Post
    OK.... So I was just pondering everyones opinion, I have torm and Sustain Alpha for post cycle therapy. This seems like a pretty like cycle so far and I thought id get opinions on not using the Torm this go around and using Sustain Alpha only, be interesting to see at least. I am not sure as I always have used a research SERM from my very first cycle on.....Thoughts?
    If I was going to do this (sustain for post cycle therapy) I'd run a low dose of torm as well. Maybe something like: 60/45/30/15

    This dosing for torm though, despite what many would suggest, has been suggested as sufficient in itself for post cycle therapy by that Dr. Dana Houser fellow (aka dinoii). So, if you did this, I think you'd definitely have post cycle therapy covered fo' sho'. No man boobies for you

  24. Thanks Ozarka sounds like a good plan. Ok then:

    Day 11 Yesterday
    Weight 196.5-197

    BB Bench: 235x5,5,5,4 225x4 a little weaker day on bench
    Deadlift: 275x5,5,5,5,5 No straps/mixed grip
    DB Row: 60x6,5,5,5,5 good form squeeze at top
    Skull Crushers: 90x 5,5,5,5,5
    Ez Bar curl: 60x5,5,5,5,5
  25. Updates!!

    Bump it up to the top, sorry Busy week.

    Friday Day 12

    2 hours of basketball Good endurance for not doing too much of that kinda work. Forgot how much i love competition. Intramurals start Sunday ya baby!

    NOTE: NO horrible calf or "shin" bumps like I experince with Anavar. Just good clean pumps nothing debilitating.

    Saturday Day 13


    Incline Bench: 150x6,6,6,6
    BB Squat: 235x6,6,6,6
    Power Clean: 125x6,6,6 170x6 (Hadnt done this in a long time so underestimated strength at the beginning)
    Standing calf raises: 225x6,6,6,6
    Preacher Curl: 40x6,6,6,6 PUMPED

    Weight ON GYM SCALE: 195-196

    Sunday Day 14

    Basketball game.... went well fro awhile but the refs dont know a lot and get paid squat and my buddy got frustrated and kept talking back getting 3 TECHINICAL FOULS for the game and if you get that many its over so....thats that lol Felt good, definitely need some more practice

    Notes: So the thought of using Dermacrine as the "test base" of a cycle showed itself. I have been breaking out a little here and there nothing bad but they are definitely "Test Pimples" haha that makes since if you know what im talking about they are mean suckers. But this is my favorite non inject cycle.


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