halo or havoc?

  1. halo or havoc?

    i currently have one botttle of super halo and one bottle of havoc. what im trying to decide is which to use. i also have nolva and cycle support for those who are wondering. i have been lifting of and one for six years gone from 145lbs to 180lbs. this isnt my first prohormone i did a cycle of 4ad befor the bann. any info or insight would be great. thanks again

  2. no expert, but ive never heard of super halo.......Havoc seems to be a popular choice these days because the majority of ppl dont have many sides....but seeing as it isnt ur first ph/ps cycle u might need another bottle so u can up the mg's

  3. forgot to mention goals. i'm hopeing to shedd some body fat and gain some mass. if i put on 10 lbs i would more then pleased.

  4. super halo is a halodrol clone from bcl. as far as my past cycle use that was some time ago, were talking years.

  5. how old are u?

  6. ...and by the way a mod will probably move this thread over to the Steriod section

  7. my bad i should have read the sticky. as far as my age im 28

  8. it seems their isnt much experience with halodrolo clones

  9. there is a wealth of knowledge do a search and you will find al you need. a popular h50 clone is hdrol: tried and true

  10. a lot of people seem to prefer a halo cone for cutting over epi

  11. thanks guys, i have been searching just trying to hear personal oppinoins.


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