Testanon or Test-E for first cycle

  1. Testanon or Test-E for first cycle

    I already baught the two cycles of each as my buddy is using one of them. Should I go and use the Testanon or the Test-E for my cycle at 500mg a week for 12 weeks? WHY, explain. I HAVE NOLVA IN HAND

  2. So what is the question here? I know you're saying it's choose between those two... but what about the option of research? You should decide what to take before you buy it.

  3. test E is king man. I love it.

  4. Atheloop, you're either a troll, or your a moron. Maybe both.

    You stated in another thread that you did your first injection on 1/8, now on 1/10 you're asking for someone to pick a substance for you? I thought you already started Test-E!!!

    As further evidence that you're either a troll and this is all fake, or that you're WAY too confused and ignorant to be injecting anything, remember this thread from when you couldn't decide between Test and Epi?


    You've had several people suggest that you don't know nearly enough to start this. I suggest you listen to them.

    Plus your diet blows, you're too young, and you've only been training four years (with what looks like a crap diet). Get your diet straight, train for a couple more years, and research.

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