Like Butter...

  1. Like Butter...


    First post. Long time lurker. Just started my first cycle in over ten years. 35years, 5'8", 185lbs., 10%bf. Got serious about training again 3 years ago. Couple PH cycles during that time. Current cycle 600mgs Sust / week @ 200mgs MWF. Last inject cycle was ~24years w/ mexi harpoons. Gotta say researching and using the right equip. pays off. 23g x 1.25" is so nice compared to mexi preload darts

  2. How were you results Woody? Where are you now in your progress? How much did you gain on cycle and how much did you keep after PCT?

  3. Smile

    PCT... What's that? JK Actually, I'm still on. I was using [email protected]/wk that comes in little white sachets Anyway, it was very underdosed at best, so I discontinued that after week 5. Then started [email protected]/wk (diff brand) and am on week 6. Started kickin' in week 5 and this week has been great! Up 14lbs., strength is way up, libido up, hunger up, all those good things. Happy that I don't *seem* to be holding much water.

  4. Woody please don't tell other members to pm you about illegal substances.

  5. Sorry, my bad.



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