ok guys im at a critical point and need some straightening out

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  1. ok guys im at a critical point and need some straightening out

    ok well im like on day 22 of my test prop tren cycle and so far the gains have been ok nothing that a good ph cycle couldn't accomplish but the thing that is really bothering me is the sides. last night again i had a 100 degree temp i had one of 99.4 last thurs. this is accompanied with a general feeling being poopy ... this usually leads me to two advil and a nap or a nights sleep and the next day i feel ok...other sides also include a hard time falling asleep ..waking up in the middle of the night ..extreme depression/aggression and lack of appetite (not conducive to a good cycle or anabolic state to say the least and has been effecting my training ie i don't lol)...from some opinions i have trusted i have a feeling that it is the tren that kickin my ass like mike tyson back in his prime. when i made my tren it came out to 40ml which i then estimated 1cc would equal about 95 mg of tren so i have been taking about .4 ccs a day along with my prop... at this point i need to either save the cycle or pack it in so here are my options let me know what you think, im asking for opinions cause each of these options have a draw back.. and yes i know i shouldn't have tried tren first cycle but what can i say im adventorous or stupid i dont' know lol.
    1) stay on course and cut the tren dosage to .2 ccs a day (my concern with this is that the tren will still build up and kick my ass)
    2) cut the tren out of the cycle up the prop a little bit and do a test only cycle (the problem with this is maybe it is the prop thats kicking my ass and not the tren.
    3)cut the tren and keep the prop and the same dosage and throw in a bottle of super one + i have from my ph days to replace the fina since 1-test is supposed to be similar (if i do this will the 4-ad along with the test prop be too much test? )
    4) i may actually be sick so mabye just stop everything recover and start again in a couple weeks.

  2. First off, did you go to the Doctor?
    If you genuinely feel bad, you should, if nothing else for peace of mind.
    No one can make the decision to continue or stop except you, depending on how you feel. If you're not sleeping well that could have an effect on the way you feel and your lack of motivation to train.
    One thing is for certain though, if you're not eating and training right, you're wasting you're cycle, and a first cycle is a terrible thing to waste.
    As far as your gains go, I'd say your about on course. My first cycle was test cyp 300mg/wk and tren 75 mg EOD. I didn't really feel it kick in until about the third week, which is where you are.
    I also had slightly elevated temp and some trouble sleeping, but none of the other sides you've mentioned. I did have some aggression when I got behind some slow ass, or caught by traffic lights when I was trying to get to the gym. I was definitely motivated.

  3. old guy so how much did you gain first cycle i think im going to try to stick with it but lower the tren dosage.

  4. I gained around 12-15 lbs, but it was mostly lean mass. I also lost b/f and strength also went up big time. I was very pleased with the results.
    Unfortunately I got the flu about a month after and lost most of my gains.
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  5. I also ran tren for my first cycle. I got so sqrewed up by the lack of sleep that I had to cut it short. Cutting back didn't help ether, still had the side but less gains. in the future if I run tren agin I will keep it to the short 4-5 week cycles at a higher does. JMO

  6. hey old guy im on my second day of antibiotics now and im feeling a little better but i stll have the temp when you say to refilter my gear what do you mean? get some whatman filters and refilter?

  7. i guess i could try that you think it would help? but wouldn't i be getting abcesses if my gear was contaminated?

  8. Im ten days into my first test prop/tren acetate cycle at 100 mgs/ED and 75 mgs/ED of each respectively. For the first five days, my symptoms were identical to yours. I felt like crap, my entire body was stiff, I was running a fever and I had a very difficult time sleeping. As a matter of fact, after the first three days, I had to switch back to a batch of test base/1-test transdermal that was left over from my last cycle. After two days on the transdermal, I felt better and switched back over. The negative symptoms never returned. As a matter of fact, I have felt pretty good.

    I think it just takes your body a while to adjust to the tren, as it is a very anabolic and androgenic steroid. For some, that adjustment is going to be harder than for others. I remember when I first started on 1-test over a year and a half ago. I remember feeling like crap for my entire first cycle. By my last cycle, I was up to 400 mgs/day with very little negative sides, including lethargy.

    In short, I would go with number 3 (sort off). Stay with the test prop injections, buy the BDC gell and add your own 1-test. No need to go with the super one cycle, as the 4 AD will be redundant with the test prop. This should make for a good bridge between cycles. Your body will adjust to the adrogenic nature of 1-test, making a transition to tren easier in the future.

    Hope that helps.

  9. thats interesting bow i have done two cycles of one+ before and i was fine with the 1-test except for some skin problems ... its good to here that you recoverd well i have had my temp for like 5 days and while im feeling better today was the 5th day 3rd of antibiotics the temp is the highest its ever been 100.2 so i decided today unfortunately to end the cycle... i will be back soon though ... i just need to time to get better and the elevated temp is bothering me so i will start my nolva today.... this leaves me with the unknown of what caused my problem and what to do with the remaining gear.. i am going to refilter it and bake it but is that good enough? was the gear just too strong for me or was it bad? maybe just do a test only cycle and forget the tren till im more used to gear? is test prop from synovex-h safe?its hard to tell... the one thing i do know for certain is that i didn't do my best to prevent myself from getting run down but thats my own fault the rest well ill have to see i really want to have a successful cycle in the near future cause i was liking the gains i was getting and definelty do not want to get sick again... guess i have some thinking to do as i recover.

  10. Welcome to tren. If you cannot live with night sweats, and lack of sleep, as well as depression/agitation/mood swings, tren isnt the toy for you. Prop will also give the prop flu the first few weeks. The combo is unbeatable, you just need to get thru the sides. I would run 7 more days see if the sides do not subside. If they do not, drop the tren. Prop by itself will do you well.

  11. wardog i here ya, but there is something about the mentality of having a 100 temp that makes me not bring myself too train i already missed one week. for some reason i feel as long as im on the gear that temp isn't going to go down for whatever reason maybe its suppressing my immune system enough where my body is not able to wipe out the sinus infection completely, therefore im feeling better each day but not fully better and am still getting the body temp spikes which means my body is still fighting off the infection..if i stay on and train im going to beat my body up more and may need another week of antibiotics to get rid of the infection...just my opinion but im obviously no expert.. i would love to stay on but at this point im going to start losing my muscle if i don't train so i think im going to go this route (end cycle and gradually ease into my training again)... don't you think once i got the sinus infection i was pretty much screwed?... either way i need to get a couple days under my belt of no elevated temp and some training and this seems like the best path for that right now... oh yeah i wasn't getting the night sweats i was getting them during the day when the temp would be up id' be sweating my balls off lol at night i was fine but did have problem sleeping..now you have me wondering if coming off was the best idea i was likeing my gains

  12. I hear what you are saying on the sinus infection.. I am fighting one and I the antibotics I have from the doc are not working this time.. need to head back and see what he says..
  13. are you on cycle?

    Mathew D, are you on a cycle?

  14. yes.. test/tren

  15. homebrew?

  16. Ending the cycle is probably the WORST thing you can do. Think it thru bro. You have issues due to elevated hormone levels in your opinion. You are now going to crash them out completely?? Drop the tren, fine. I would NOT drop the prop and quit the cycle. It just does not seem wiose IMO

    And FYI I run prop/tren all the time, and I homebrew. Anyone who knows me knows I am a tren whore

  17. LOL.. yes Wardog is a tren whore.. and I am getting that way very quickly.. damn I love that stuff..
    Jersey, yes it is homebrew tren. QV test but that is going to be the last time with that...

  18. wardog your killing me man lol...how am i supposed to train if i can't lift? and i refuse to lift if im spiking a 100 temp throughout the day... so you think im going to get better even if i stay on?

  19. I say stick with the prop. Quit your whining and hit the gym. Do high reps if you need to for a bit.

    Damn, I have lifted thru the test flu before, you just gotta do it, but change the routine slightly

  20. yeah but what if the infection doesn t get killed?

  21. yeah but what if the infection doesn t get killed?
    Which antibiotics are you taking?

  22. cephalexin im not sure if thats how you spell it

  23. If i remember correctely thats some strong **** like 2 times as strong as penicillin, if that doesnt kill your infection than its one hell of an infection

  24. yeah well i hope its strong cause i hate being sick wardog has me all messed up now ive only missed one shot so far i could stay on... today i felt pretty good most of the day my temp was normal except in the morning and now its 99.4 i got a couple hours to decide


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