ok guys im at a critical point and need some straightening out

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  1. Do high reps if you need to for a bit.
    I agree, I would drop the tren, do a shorter, lighter, workout and let the antibiotics take out the infection. It will take a few days for it to completely clear up. If you're gear and injection procedures are sterile your temp should return to normal when the sinus infection is gone.
    If I just absolutely couldn't lift at all for a couple of weeks then I might consider stopping. But, if you have been lifting regularly for a while, a few days of light work or rest is not going to hurt anything IMO.

  2. I have noticed that it seems to take the antibotics alittle bit longer when you are on cycle.. at least it has this time with me..

  3. Talking

    yeah well im deciding to stay on !!! screw it lol!!! i did another test prop shot last night... i am getting off the tren right now though no reason to really risk things it will be good enough if i can salvage the cycle on with test prop only and my mental state is already better tren makes me one mean sob i thought i could handle it first cycle but i was wrong... i don't know how anything would be different next time i try it but as of now i can't worry about it goto try to salvage this remaining cycle
  4. weird stuff

    well guys i got progressively better and im on my second to last day of antibiotics .. coughing has almost stopped and today was the first day i felt almost 100% and surprising as this is to here im still on cycle lol thanks to some coaxing lol... i know you guys are going to think im crazy but i felt fine the whole day except for that brief period before me and my girl had sex today ... i spiked a 99.5 oh well it went down right after lol weird **** for sure.. after that i went to the gym and the week layoff hasn't hurt me nearly as bad as i thought i actually had a pretty intense workout and was using the same weights as before i got sick... tomorrow is my last day of antibiotics and im contemplating if i should call my doc and get another weeks supply he said if im not 100% better when the weeks supply is up to call him up and he will give me a refill .... also about to go refilter and bake all my gear.

  5. I am glad you are feeling better.. I hope that you don't need the extra round of antibotics.. but if you think you are starting to relapse, then call him for sure.

  6. Get the refill save it for later if you dont need it, its always nice to have extra meds around


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