here's an interesting question

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    here's an interesting question

    let's say one goes to college and is serious about weightlifting...

    but being that college is a social place he has a few drinks on the weekends and looks for hot vagina to poke at like every other normal college male.

    obviously the alcohol produces estrogen, which will slow his personal gains.

    is it ok to take anti-estrogens year round to take care of this problem? or would it be too much a health risk, or would it not even work?


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    Bro I can remember back to those days and if indeed it's a "few" drinks why even worry....but if your few constitutes and excess of a case maybe you need to worry......IMO it's not worth the unknown risks and I happen to be from the school of thought that the longer you stay on any drug the less it does for you. I personally wouldn't worry about the couple drinks and I wouldn't worry about trying to combat it with anti-e's but that's just my opinion.

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