6-OXO Cycle, Serious Question...

  1. 6-OXO Cycle, Serious Question...

    I have just started my first cycle of Power LGP 1-Test. I am planning on a 4-week cycle of one squirt twice a day then a 4-week post cycle. My question is that I am going to use 6-OXO post cycle and would like to only use one bottle if possible 400mg per day for 2 weeks and then the last 2 weeks off cycle use no PH to let my body fully recover to its natural state. After this time I am planning a second cycle of the above. Would this allow me enough time to regain my natural test levels and also allow me too keep the earned gains???? Thankyou for your help and support.

  2. Will someone please give some advice, I would really like to use one bottle of 6-OXO, what would be the best way to cycle it? Thanks In Advance.

  3. I don't have too much confidence in 6OXO for post so I would use two bottles (i prefer clomid).

    Week1 - 600mg
    Week2 - 400mg
    Week3 - 400mg
    Week4 - 200mg

  4. Two bottles is reccomended if you were seriously strapped you could use 1 but I would titrade dowward so like 600 for three days 400 for 1 week 300 for 1 week till its gone. I agree with the above poster get Nolva or clomid cheaper and better.

  5. I don't see where Clomid is cheaper than 6-oxo. I'm a couple weeks out from needing either ( have 6-oxo now) so I checked the prices for Clomid tabs and it comes out at about the same as two bottles of 6-oxo.

    Clomid was $18.00 for 15 / 50mg tabs - figure four packs needed = $72.00 plus shipping. I checked on the liquid and it was all overseas ... I don't want to deal with that. So if 6-oxo works as well, it seems like alot less hassle to go with that.

    Right or wrong ?

  6. Liquid clomid from liqua-solution is only $20 for 50ml, enough for 3-weeks post at recommended dose of:

    Week1 - 4ml = 200mg
    Week2 - 2ml = 100mg
    Week3 - 1ml = 50mg

  7. Thanks for the info , Sikdogg. Is 'Liqua-solution' based in the US or overseas ? I don't want to deal with overseas companies. What's their delivery time like ?

  8. I don't believe that they are over seas. People have had mixed results with them. Some people received their orders within a week (like myself) and some after several weeks. I do believe that they had shipping probs due to volume which has now been resolved. I like them and will prolly continue to order from them.

  9. actually you'll only need like 30 tabs of 50mg clomid, 1 a day post-cycle

    Prohormones won't shut you down NEARLY as much as steroids...

    unfortunately 1-test is a steroid and not a PH, so you actually may need more clomid than 30 tabs

    I like the idea about the liquid route, it's about as cheap as clomid can get, and you get a lot of it too

    personally......... I'd rather gaurentee myself a fast recovery of natural test and put out the extra $ for clomid... but I ALSO think you can find liquid clomid for much cheaper than oral 6-oxo

  10. The only problem with liquid clomid is the taste. Yuck!

  11. Thanks for all the replies , guys.

    I will order the liquid clomid now. I have a bunch of gelatine capsules to get around the taste. In case it doesn't arrive on time because of extremely slow shipping or whatever , I have the 6-oxo now. I hope Liquid Solutions aren't overseas. I ordered before that way and never received the order.

    I see it's listed as NOT being sterile .... that doesn't bother you guys ??

    So dosage isn't based on body weight ? Just go with the 200 mgs week one and 100 for two weeks ? I weight 188 .. in case it matters.

  12. funny how i feel the last post on this thread asked the best questions. I too would like to know about the sterility and bodyweight

  13. The quick answer.

    Clomid dosage is not dependent on bodyweight, it's dependent on how supressed you are.

    #2... I don't have a clue why you would worry about sterility, your not suppose to inject liquid clomid.

  14. Sterility is not an issue, as the liquid Clomid is to be taken orally. Is your food sterile?
  15. re

    heh, yes, I wash my mash potatoes in antibacterial soap, and add a little neutrogena face wash into my water.

  16. Stack the 6-oxo with nolvadex.

  17. I have used 1 bottle of 6-oxo after a 4 week 1-test/4-ad cycle before...wasn't a problem for me from what I could tell. I just kept the cals up and drank the flax like water, lol. Clomid or Nolva will be better, yes, but I don't think 1 bottle of 6-oxo is totally out of the realm of possibility for this type of cycle. If you have already ordered though....good


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