Vpx 1 Test/eq

  1. KFlex
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    Vpx 1 Test/eq

    I just got a great deal from my buddy on some 1 test/eq, has anyone tried this stack and had any results from it.

  2. If its a really good deal get it and try it, my suggestion however would be spend no more than a good transdermal since they will almost certainly be better.

  3. Man I hate to be one to bear bad news but if this is you in your avatar? You prolly ain't going to get much outta the VPX stuff. My workout partner (FORMER) talked me into it because he claimed all kinds of size gains off it....(the lying prick was juicin' @ the time) and VPX had nothing to do with it.....so I tried it.....I got a great big nothing going with the recommended dosages but since you got a good deal on it...I would say you have not much to lose....my best advise is to give it a shot and if you get nothing you could try upping the dosage some (some other guys here can probably advise what's best but) I got a batch of acne all over my back from it.....and not much else.....sorry bro.....that's all I can tell ya....maybe it's improved some since.....who knows??? Oh yeah and just out of curiousity what do you call a good deal?
  4. KFlex
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    What does my avatar picture have to do with me no getting anything out of it ?

  5. Your already a big dude and vpx is an oral with poor bioavailibility. Youd get more active frim a trans check out legalgear.net for some cool trans options. save yourself some cash and get bigger to
  6. KFlex
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    What would you recommend for a trans d, thats probably the route I will take after I use this stuff.

  7. check out legal gears power lgp1

  8. Originally posted by KFlex
    What does my avatar picture have to do with me no getting anything out of it ?
    Well the point I was making (your pic) is that you look like you've got plenty of lean mass already and with what looks to me like your body is producing plenty of it's own natural test why would you even want to supplement?.....BUT I do understand the need for more muscle mass (that's why we all workout).....but you've got it on hand what have you got to lose?.....but I will be curious how you make out with it....will you be posting after you finish it off?
  9. KFlex
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    Yeah, I'll keep everyone updated on a before and after of it.

  10. i suggest you up the dosage to double the reccommended...then you will see some results..its good stuff just expensive. you might want to buy an extra bottle of both.

    by the way, just curious, how much you pay for the bottles and what size are they...120cc? 240cc? 480cc?

  11. KFlex
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    $50 for both(120cc)


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