T-1 Final?

  1. T-1 Final?

    I am having an incredibly difficult time finding a website that sells T-1 Final or T-1 Pro...any suggestions?


  2. Tried them but its not on their website. They only have the weight loss gel for sale right now...

  3. You can usually find them at legalgear or powernutrition. If T-1 isn't available anymore, i've been reading very good things about legalgear's new LGP line of transdermals. It uses BDC's new PE formula.

  4. hxxp://powernutrition.net/store/

  5. legalgear are at them moment the only guys who have any bdc transdermals in stock from what i can gather.

  6. Im not sure if legal's is shipping or still taking pre orders. for the time being if you want some now your gonna have to homebrew it yourself. All 3 should have some stock shortly. As you guys know the millitary has terrible timing but things will be in order shortly.

  7. Sorry for the inconveniences the recent events have caused all the bros.  I am taking steps to rectify the situation directly and all retailers should have stock ready to ship within days.

    • Powernutrition.net
    • Legalgear.com
    • Massnation.com
    • Physicalenhancement.com


  8. Chemo, you da man...


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