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    LMR products

    Has anyone tried these products, I have tried 1-AD/4AD before with ok results, and I was thinking of stacking Nandrotest/Primotest,and I was wondering if anyone had some positive feedback on them. Thanks

  2. Here's my current stack on LMR products...I'm 6' and 230 - Like you, I was curious and the price was right.

    6 week stack at 12cc a day(3cc 4 times a day) of both Nandrotest and Primotest and 8-9cc a day of Nandrovar

    As you can see I'm doubling the dose as recommended by someone with ties to the company.

    I just started my second week, I think its too early to really know, but I can tell you that my first week was good. On BB inclines I passed my best lift and did it for 2 sets of 4 reps. My muscles feel fullblown all the time, which I wasn't expecting, but I like it.

    I'm not about to judge how good they are or aren't until some more time goes by. I'll know in another week or two.

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    Keep me posted. Thanks

  4. Bump for more info on LMR Products, and the cheapest place to get them.

  5. cheapest place to get LMR products is directly from Freaker


    He'll make a deal with you. I ordered from him and he gave me a great deal and I got my stuff in two days.

    Thier website is http://lmrsports.com/

  6. Hey 7Sinz how is your LMR cycle going? How are the gains and are you experiencing any sides?

  7. Manu20 - Glad you asked..Keep in mind I finish my 2nd week in two days.

    My strength is definitely up, 15lbs on the dumbbell presses as of this morning, 20 lbs on barbells presses. All pressing movements are up, as well as pulling movements. Recovery from workouts are fast.. No real sides to speak off and I thought at this dosage there would be some. Maybe the nuts have shrunk some.. My body weight has gone up 7lbs ( I'm now 237lbs) so far and the gains appear to be lean, which is what I wanted. The taste is alright, no gagging ..haha When I'm done with the workout I feel like I've got a little more left in me, mentally I have to hold off as I don't want to overtrain. Feeling pretty good about it so far. Muscles feel full and hard. I do two warm up sets of 12 and 10 and then 3 heavy sets in 6 - 4 range. Its nice getting pass some sticking spots.

    I think I had more sides on 1AD when I did that stack, as far as some acne, and really shrunken nuts.

    I was skeptical because I never heard of LMR products so I wasn't expecting much. Overall I'm alright with this stack so far. If I wasn't I'd let you know...

    FYI - I take one of the doses of each an hour before workout. Seems to work well in the gym for me.

    My diet is nothing special.. A typical meal is eggs, oatmeal, banana in the morning. Chicken, rice, and broccoli twice a day or chicken and baked potatoes. 2 - 3 Labrada Lean body shakes throughout the day. I'm using San Infusion protein a few times a day and I throw some protein in the Labrada shakes for extra protein. Taking a multi vitaman and EFA's. Take San V12 twice day. Thats it bro

    Pretty simple really.. Thanks for asking

  8. Hey, thanks for the reply....i'm really interested to see how the rest of the cycle goes so please keep updating....also I was wondering what kind of split you were doing and if you work each bodypart once or twice a week....thanks and congrats on the gains so far and keep it up.

  9. I work body parts once a week unless its a lagging part and then i may get it twice a week.

    Day 1 - shoulders
    Day 2 - back
    Day 3 - off
    Day 4 - Chest
    Day 5 - Legs
    Day 6 - Arms
    Day 7 - Off

  10. Hey 7sinz any updates on your cycle...how has it been going?

  11. Ok - I have two opinions about this cycle on LMR products...

    I'm about to finish my cycle..My weight is 240 as of tonight, 10lb gain. My strength has continued to go up. I feel solid and put on some thickness and stayed pretty lean.. So I would say it was a good cycle. I accomplished what I was after.

    Here's my downside, I was taking 12cc and 9cc a day and I think I could have got the same results cheaper with other products that are on the market.

    Thats it bro.. I'm going to take some time off the Ph's and then line up another cycle of something. Depends on whats out at the time..If anyone would like to have me try a cycle of something let me know..


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