To Stack or Not To Stack, That Is The Question..

  1. To Stack or Not To Stack, That Is The Question..

    OK so I am planning my next cycle and I have a couple of options that I would like to get some opinions on.
    First off I have several bottles of both M-Drol and P-Plex at my disposal, gotta love that NutraPlanet clearence.
    Is it a bad idea to stack these two for a normal 3-4 week cycle?
    If it is ok what kind of dosages would be acceptable?
    What about a pulse cycle? Would that be a more desireable circumstance?

    As always any and all input is welcome and appreciated.

  2. I would either run a bridge cycle or a pulse but I wouldn't stack them together.

    Here's an example of a bridge:

    Weeks 1-3 P-Plex 30/30/15
    Weeks 3-5 M-drol 10/20/20

    Just make sure you've got all your supports and definitely gonna need a SERM for this one imo.

  3. bridge, don't stack

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