cutting cycle

  1. cutting cycle

    can someone suggest a cutting cyle using
    1-t and 4ad(t-1 final)


    with 1-test and 1,4ad.

    anyone using 3aa(alpha)?

    if anyone has used 1,4ad how does that compare to QV EQ?

    i have read that people are seeing nut shrinkage on 1.4ad... have not heard of dramatic nut shrinkage on EQ. odd.


  2. 1,4 does not compare to eq, one is a steroid and one is a predecusor. Only bad thing about running it when cutting is the hunger associated with it. Took me about two weeks before my hunger started to die down and i'm running boldenone transdermal. The first weeks will be hard though! For a good cutting cycle, use twice the 1-test to 4-ad ratio. More legargy is associated with less 4-ad but the gains should be leaner and less water retention.

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