transdermal blends?

  1. Wink transdermal blends?

    did 1test/4ad for 4 weeks about a month ago. really botched my 1st time in recovery. gained 20lbs & lost all of 20 lbs of what seemed to be nothing but water. got post meds this time. have 1test, 4ad, nor 4ad & 1,4 add this time for transdermal/s. any recommendations for "blends" greatly appreciated. kind of wanted to see how the nor4ad behaved in contrast? scared off the hyper-bloat i experienced last time. thanx as always for the cool info.

  2. You from calgary bro?
    If worried about bloat you can run a small dose of nolva or get some arim or femara and run that with it. Is your 1,4 capped or powder?

  3. Run two bottles, 5g of each aside from the 1,4, and the second bottle with quite a bit of 1,4 in it. 1,4 has to be run in higher dosages especially transdermal as it doesn't have as good of a conversion rate as orally. A guy i know did 18g of 1,4 over 30 days and was very happy with the results (600mg/day)

  4. so, 5gms 1t, 5gms 4ad, & 5gms nor in one 240ml bottle.
    & say 15gms 1,4 in a second bottle?
    i'm really unclear about this stuff still. should one be shooting for absorption of close to 1gm of whatever "blend". sorry if these questions are really stupid, i'm just trying to make informed decisions. thanx for all your cool advice.



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