Gyno from Rebound Reloaded solo

  1. Gyno from Rebound Reloaded solo

    I apolagize in advance for making a second post, but I'm not getting any feedback in the post cycle therapy section.

    This is the second or third time I've ran this product solo, and the first time I've ever had any problem. I ran Rebound Reloaded for 45 days at 2 caps ED. About two days after I finished the bottle I noticed that my right pec was flaring up with some gyno. I ordered some Tamoxifen from a board sponsor and started running it at 80mg ED. Normally, tamoxifen zaps the gyno with two days, but I've been on it for about five days now, and haven't noticed any change in size of the lump. I ordered some ATD (Inhibit-E) from Nuta to add to the mix. Any other suggestions or advice would be appreciated.

  2. tbh mate i think you should see the doctor, if gyno does not go you could end up having to have an op, i wouldt worry about legal implications, patient cofidentiallity spellings wrong, if would be far cheaper for the nhs in the long run

  3. I find e-form formestane crushes gyno for me quickley.

  4. I think one of my problems may have been waiting a week to order the Nolvadex. I'm not sure. I remember when I had a problem on cycle, I used letro for about 5 days before I switched to Nolva, in which case it still got rid of it in a couple days.

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