advice on T-1 cycle needed

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    advice on T-1 cycle needed

    Hey bros I am running a 4wk cycle at what was supposed to be 4 squirts a day. I didnt realize however what a chore applying at night was but still tried to get it done.

    The cycle is turning out to be half-baked, and a few times it hasnt even been possible for me to apply on certain days because i was either away or late for something. I made some very minor gains as expected.
    I have some suppression starting from the 3rd week. Im unsatisfied now, and i want to correct this bad bulking cycle.

    My question is would it be safe for me to turn this into an 8 week cycle cranking the dosages up to 6 squirts a day? and being more responsible about the dosing of course. Just concerned because i know most guys just run 4wk.

    my post cycle is 6OXO and tribulus.

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    How far along? Don't increase dose though. You could run a longer cycle, but you'll have to recover alot better than 6 oxo. More like Nolva. and or clomid. Are you stacking with anything?
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    8 weeks isn't a prob to extend to, just get some clomid/nolva like stated above.

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