Considering Super1+

  1. Considering Super1+

    Being my first cycle of PH I'm not considering home brews or anything like that. I hear alot of good things about Super1+, so I'm considering a 8 week cycle of it.

    How many squirts a day would be best?
    My diet is spot on so I'll be getting plenty of food. I've heard 6 squirts 2 times a day but that seems a little light.

  2. go with's products. More bang for your bck

  3. Do you know where you are?

    Get yourself some T1 if you are looking for something comparable to Super One+. The only downfall to the T1 is it's cheaper and more effective if you happen to spill the DMSO into it.

  4. they are endorsed by BDC

  5. Originally posted by phil216
    they are endorsed by BDC

    I was talking to The Mayor, but where on Legal Gear's web site do they offer BDC PHs or their own brews?

  6. they say they use BDC's gels and they are advertised right here on this site

  7. Originally posted by phil216
    they say they use BDC's gels and they are advertised right here on this site

    Ahh yes now I remember.  The beta topicals.  That is what they are listed under.

    OK back on topic.

  8. DMSO????

  9. Originally posted by The Mayor
    Most people like to have their bottle extra clean on the inside so they choose to pour the DMSO in the bottle

  10. t-1 final, the best value right now. Ive done 2 cycles of ph's both oral and transdermal I used superone+ for one of them. It was great, awesome product but it was a little expensive and the lotion was a little more runny and it stung. I am currently using t-1 final and im very impressed 2-3 bottles of t-1 final + liquasolutions clomid+nolva (for post) and you have yourself a dynamite cycle for 4-6 weeks where if you stay dedicated to your diet and workout plan you will gain big and keep a decent amount with little downtime for your boys postcycle.

  11. Well I bought the higher power Trenabol X, which so far I am not happy with how it's mixed. This is my first transdermal ph and hell I get to much that isn't liquified in it. No matter how much I shake it or heat it up. Unless this is normal to some extent. I will next try BDC products, then Legal Gears. Want to try Legal Gears too because they have helped with a lot of my research on the boards, or I assume it's one of the owner's/employees that keeps the name in signatures. I appreciate all the info. from these boards. I am an expowerlifter and trying to get in the bodybuilding area after a back injury from a car wreck. Just gotta get over the fat boy genetics.

  12. Hey Synesta, welcome to Anabolic MInds. You can't go wrong with either T-1 Final or T-1 Pro. The difference between them is that you get a 2:1 ratio of 1-Test to 4-AD with T-1 Pro while T-1 Final gives you a 1:1 ratio of 1-Test to 4-AD. I'd personally go with T-1 Pro, I like that formula better since I also have the fat boy genetics a.k.a endomorph and I really would look like I'm holding a lake if I got too much water retention from 4-AD.


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