How to measure PH powder?

  1. How to measure PH powder?

    I have my PH powders to make a homebrew transdermal but I don't have any scales to measure it. Do you just guesstimate?

    Also, this is my first PH cycle and I plan to run 700 mg Nordiol / 300 mg 4AD per day for 4 weeks. This is supposed to be my "hair saver" stack but I will be using spiro for insurance. Anybody wanna critique this cycle? Should I go longer than 4 weeks?

    Will I need liquidex of anything for bloating? I plan to use nolva/clomid/clenbuterol post-cycle.

  2. Originally posted by jediclampet
    I have my PH powders to make a homebrew transdermal but I don't have any scales to measure it. Do you just guesstimate?
    You can pick up a decent electronic scale at Target or Walmart for around $20-$30.

  3. Thanks, I'll look.

  4. Yeah, even though there probably only accurate to the gram or so, better than not knowing if theres 5 or 10g of powder in your bottle.

  5. you can get a good scale online that will measure to the 0.1 gram for under 70 bucks if you look

  6. I found one accurate to .01g for 49.99 on ebay but its a cheap one which didn't even work when it got to me so i sent it back. Tons of cheapies out there.

  7. $83.50 for a LEGIT, BRAND NEW digital scale accurate to 10mg (50 gram capacity):

    Even better though, a week ago it was only $69.00 - when I purchased it!

  8. Thanks! I got one (cheap) from RightOnScales!!

    Also, I've been thinking about running my cycle at 800 mg Nor / 300 mg 4AD transdermally per day for six weeks instead. Do y'all think this is overkill for my first PH cycle?

  9. 800mg nor may be but not 300mg 4-ad. Good idea on the six weeks though. Don't see too much feedback on nor though so its hard to gauge dosages.

  10. Thanks kitchen chemist. Maybe I will try 6 weeks at 700 Nor / 300 4AD.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by jbryand101b View Post
    600mg nordiol/500mg 4-androdiol

    are you wanting to put both compounds into one solution/bottle?

    or seperate?
    i dont think the OP is gunna answer that, lol...from 2003
    -It's not about what you're doing, it's about how you're doing it.

  12. ooooh, dayum, caught me slippin.

    who bumped this old ass thread. it's their fault! put their spam azz in the red.


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