gyno help

  1. gyno help

    hey bros
    During my last cycle about around week 7, I randomly brushed against my right nipple and it was a bit sore. Until that point the warning signs of gyno had not even come to my attention (no itchiness, puffiness anything). I felt a hard lump on the side of my right nipple, but absolutely NO lump at all on my left. I cut my cycle a week short, started taking 60 mg nolva/day and am now on week 2 of post cycle therapy and still running 40 mg/day. There is no longer any soreness at all, the little bit that was there dissapeared after a couple days on 60mg. A little bump still remains on my right side, however there is no bump at all on my left. Some had said that this could have been present from puberty however I could have just noticed it now that I am on juice. I dont want to aggravate this condition, and am thinking of running .5eod armidex along with the nolva. Other options I was lookin at were a Formestane transdermal to attack the area. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Before you go all out, Finish your current post cycle therapy. You still got 2 weeks to go and theres no use in blowing more money on something if you dont need it. After that if your still bothered by it, Id look into other options. Arimidex (anastrozole) from what Ive learned isnt going to be any different then treating with Clomid or Nolva. Stacking it with nolva may help, may not. If youve always had the bump, It may not be gyno, just a abnormal growth that a Professional would be more likely to treat then us and are opinions.
    Whatever route you choose, Good Luck.

  3. letro before armadex.....It works much better and won't mess up your lipid pro-file

    I have a liump on one side I comes and goes some of it is scare tissue from a nipple ring...I woundn't have cut your cycle short but nolva is a great quick fix. bromo has been known to eat the lumps

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