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T-1 Final/DMSO

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    T-1 Final/DMSO

    How much more will the product be absorbed if using DMSO?
    This stuff smells like ass, or worse.
    Also could you keep the DMSO in its own container and use it only on occasions when you didn't care about the smell?
    If so would you apply it to the skin before the T-1 or how would you do this?

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    Bro I am clumsy and spill it in everytime. What you suggested is making things harder than they need to be. Without the DMSO the absorbtion % is close to half of what it is when spilled in. You don't notice the smell if you spill it into the T-1 because of things like the d-limonene that have a citrus'y type odor. Later J
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    Hey old guy, you cant smell it at all when mixed in still smells good.

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    i mixed mine in and it smells nice and pretty

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