New Stack PP/Epi/Form TD. What do you think?

  1. New Stack PP/Epi/Form TD. What do you think?

    I've got a bottle of Epistane sitting on my counter right now. I want to run it for a lbm increase, and to help rid myself of the chest fat I have (I believe is progastin related). I also have some TD formestane that Im going to mix into penetrate and run co-current to the Epistane. But I want this to be my last cycle of the year. And take the rest of the year off any form of steroid.

    I've been playing with the idea of stacking those two with a more potent oral. I know some people have suggested the same. So I've gone and ordered a bottle of AX's Pheraplex, since I had such crazy size gains off of PP. So what do you guys think of this stack and how should I stack it? I've never stacked anything before, I've only run them by themselves.

    Here was what I was thinking and please feel free to offer any advice at all.

    Week 1: 20mg PP
    Week 2: 20mg PP/ 20mg Epi
    Week 3: 30mg PP/ 30mg Epi
    Week 4: 30mg PP (til runs out)/ 40mg Epi
    Week 5: 40mg Epi
    Week 6: Nolva (100mg 4d/80mg 3d), DHEA 200mg, Rebound XT 25mg, Retain 2 3xdaily, PowerFull 6xd
    Week 7: Nolva (80mg 2d/60mg 5d), DHEA 100mg, Rebound XT 50mg, Retain 2 3xdaily, PowerFull 6xd
    Week 8: Nolva (40mg), DHEA 50mg, Reboundt XT 75mg, Retain 2 3xdaily, Powerfull 6xd
    Week 9: Rebound XT 50mg, Retain 2 3xdaily, PowerFull 6xd

    During this cycle my daily ancillaries would be: Poseidon (10-15g), Incarnate (6), Cylce Support (2servings), Adam Multi (2), Excell (4servings)

    The Form TD would be run 40mg 2xday, so 80mg a day from Week 1 to through to week 7 or 8.

    This is for an all out bulk, as clean as possible, but Im not under the illusion that I wont gain any fat on cycle.

    Just tell me if I'm or if this seems not only doable but not terrible on my system. I had no side effects from PP when I took it a year and half ago.

    I'm 5'11, 180lbs. Been lifting for 4 years now, this will be my third oral cycle in the past 2.5 years and my last for this year. My overall goal is to hit 195, at bf% of 12% or less. I'm around 11% right now.

    I think the Form TD on cycle would help rid me of the chest fat and I wanted to take it into PCT only to give the Nolva and Rebound time to kick in.

    - Get the Nabisco habit

  2. I know there are guys on here who have discussed doing a more "wet" oral like PP with Epistane to see the effects. I just want a few of you to chime in as to the actual stacking of the two products as I've never stacked before.

  3. Hey Nabisco i just started a similar stack, except im using pheramax (ergo) and im not overlapping as much. I will also be running eform (formestane) while taking the phera to minimize bloat and chances of gyno. Today is my second day and my cycle looks like this..

    week 1: phera 15mg (might bump up to 30mg half way through week)
    week 2: phera 30mg
    week 3: phera 30mg
    week 4: phera 15mg/epistane 30mg (Fist day PM 30mg and Epi 10mg. 2nd day PM 15 and Epi 20. 3rd day continue PM at 15 and then move up to 30mg Epi)
    week 5: epistane 30mg
    week 6: epistane 30mg
    week 7: epistane 40mg

    Post Cycle Therapy
    I will be using Dr. D's method of running ATD inversely to a serm. i will also using a cortisol blocker (retain 2). My post cycle therapy will look something like this..

    Week 8: 40mg Nolva, 25mg ATD, 4 caps of Retain 2
    Week 9: 30mg Nolva, 50mg ATD, 3 caps of Retain 2
    Week 10:20mg Nolva, 50mg ATD, 3 caps of Retain 2
    Week 11:10mg Nolva, 50-75mg ATD (depending on how my libido feels), 2 caps of Retain 2
    Week 12: 25mg ATD, 1 cap of Retain 2

  4. Thanks for the input Davrlev. What ATD are you using? And are you not using a test booster at all?

  5. im using nutraplanets atd. its cheap and i trust them so i decided to go with that. and i didn't think a test booster was necessary, i didnt have problems with libido coming off phera or epi on my last cycles. If i see there is a problem i will probably throw one in there.

  6. also, why are you running nolva at such a high dosage?

  7. Because if the epi and form TD can get rid of the chest fat I want to make sure I have absolutely NO rebound. If there's one thing I fear more than midgets its chest fat.

  8. hahah bro thats hilariouss... for chest fat rolax might be a better choice than nolva.. good luck on the cycle thoughh


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