Stocking Up Questions

  1. Stocking Up Questions

    Let's be honest... we don't have a lot of time left.

    What's everyone stocking up on, if anything?

  2. Protein powder and lots of tuna.

  3. LOL..

    Wouldn't be surprised if they were next. Seriously, what would you be stocking up on?

    Not so seriously, what kind of results are you getting from those YJ approved Ass Bombs?

  4. I havent been following, please elaborate whats under the gun now.....

    I would be stocking up on ephedrine, thats for sure. They're putting it away hard and heavy.....

    As for liver tabs..... Im about to buy 1K more from

  5. I'm talking about the 3 pieces of pending legislation to ban PH's.

  6. Oh.. you could stock up on powders if you want, but Id wait a little while

  7. Let's say it starts next month.

    What kind of PH powders would you buy and why?

  8. I wouldnt buy any of them, Id buy some vials of Enth, and fina pellets.... but you could buy some 1-test & 4-AD powder. Id stick with thats, thats sort of the bread & butter of legal hormones.

  9. Thinking it's the 1 and 4 cyps. If you look at cost/effectiveness that is....

  10. This is gonna be my last 1-test cycle. It makes me lazy as ****.


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